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Piano Service

What is involved in a piano serivce?

A piano service is basically a complete strip down of the instrument. It is then cleaned and lubricated, and then reassembled making sure that all parts are moving freely and adjusted correctly. The piano is then tuned to as close to a'=440Hz as possible. I recommend that customers who have just bought a second hand piano have it serviced to check that everything is ok and working properly.

I sometimes get asked to service a piano that requires more than just a standard service. The piano pictured and recorded below was a rather old wooden framed, straight -strung instrument. It still had candlesticks attached, which makes it over 100 years old (I wasn't able to age the piano accurately), and had seen decades of neglect. After cleaning the instrument out and polishing the keys, I lubricated and repaired the action before tuning.

The piano was extremely out of tune. It took two tunings of 3½ hours each to get the pitch to a'=440Hz, and it was due another tune, however the piano moved to Spain before I could book in the final tune.

Click here to hear the piano prior to tuning. Click here to hear it after the first tune (a'=392Hz, i.e. tone flat), and click here to hear the piano after the second tune.

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